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The Cachiko Story

Hi there, I am Jaime, the founder, artist, card maker and lead designer at Cachiko. Thanks for your interest in our products and I guess (because you are here) in our story too.

Jaime and his children Sara and Kai

I have always been a creative guy with strong interests in graphic design and product design. By profession I am a Multimedia Designer with quite a few years experience in web & graphic design, video production and post-production. Although I enjoy my field with all its opportunities and challenges, I often feel like as humans we are losing something very important with all these intangible digital goods and services. I can rest assure that on the day of my birthday lots of “friends” will congratulate me through Facebook, why? Because Facebook is telling them it is my birthday, not because I am important and they remember. Same principle applies for multiple celebrations. On top of that, massive produced items seem to make those special occasions a bit less special. What is the purpose of receiving a card or “special” gift when it was mass produced for a very cheap price across the globe? Hence I have always had a passion and admiration for hand crafted unique products, where you see and feel the effort that someone took into making that item, with the intention to give it to someone very special.

The idea of making personalised cards & gift frames came to my head in 2016 by mere accident. After some failures in previous creative business (one making invitations and the other one making personalised soap) I decided to take a break to clear my head. Then, while doing some research in sustainable materials I found bamboo as one of the best alternatives to traditional wood in construction and other fields. I ordered a few samples from a local supplier and within a short time in my hands I fell in love with the material, its texture, aroma, colour and uniqueness brought into me a burning desire to make something different and creative. It didn’t take me too long to put my head and hands to work and transform them into unique cards.

I started selling my customisable cards online at the Etsy platform and after a few weeks I knew it was my calling. The incredibly positive reviews from customers from all over the world were like spinach to Popeye the sailor. Oh boy they just made my days! They were super uplifting and encouraging, it became an addiction, just to know I was adding huge value to someone’s life.

About a year later on a trip to Mexico, I found these beautiful hand-painted photo frames in a high-end market. I got inspired and again, within a short time, my head started to spin and as soon as I arrived back in Melbourne I made a few prototypes that ended in my unique customisable photo frames. 

The results again on Etsy were very positive. However I found the platform was sort of feeding me but not allowing me to grow as I wanted and besides I wasn’t able to provide the customisation I really wanted to offer to my customers. Therefore I decided to open my own e-commerce website where I can feature more products, more options and more of Cachiko and our values.

I welcome you to email us at anytime with suggestions, general feedback or ideas for new designs or products you would like for us to make in the future. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about new designs, products or whatever is in our heads at the time. We have a FAQ page for most common questions. You can also read real testimonials from customers (although most do come from Etsy at the moment). We are also on social media both Facebook and Instagram but honestly we spend most of our time making and improving our unique products, designing new ones and serving our customers.


Jaime Guarro-Contreras

Joy of life is a direction, not a destination.